Tuesday, October 14, 2014

just another day

I think everyone pays less and less attention to birthdays as time goes on. We sure tried to.

When you have everything you need and most of  what you  want on a daily basis, it's hard to answer that perennial question, "What do you want for your birthday?" We both invariably said things like "tires!" or "work boots" and then came up with sweet things like tickets to a Braves game or some new music or book.

Last year my gift was getting home to see that Jim had come down from his sitting room and was getting himself some fresh air and sunshine because I had been bugging him to do so. It was all he could muster and it meant the world to me right then. Still does.

He also got me the best greeting cards and made a point of getting both a sincere one and a funny one.

I'm thinking about the funny ones today. I know the jokes about being officially *O*L*D* would be as rich and full of love as the sentimental ones. As long as we have been together,I have been blessed to be his old lady.

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