Sunday, June 7, 2015


It was always about having fun and keeping cool.

Although he never said, I like to think that having a pool was a city boy's dream.

He got me this one before Colin was born so I could keep cool like all the other gestating belugas. June in 1980 was brutally hot and we had no AC.

He would get home from work and bring the mail, snacks and drinks down to the back yard, get in with me and we'd hash over the day until the skeeters drove us inside.

              There's no doubt in my mind that he built this one for me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let the good times roll.

Tomorrow would have been our 39th wedding anniversary.  Somehow this picture shows that we knew exactly what we were getting into. A lifetime deal.

We were so lucky for so long. I miss him minute by minute.

June 4, 1976

Right after all the ceremonial stuff, we changed and got comfy to enjoy the party and our guests, but I spent most of the evening hiding behind my new husband because the top that I bought turned out to be very sheer and I had no backup.

Jimmy thought it was funny and kept circling around behind me saying
"Yep, you can see right through it." I got over myself pretty fast.