Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Music stays...

A year now, since Glen Frey passed.

The ticket stub post had me anxious because I apparently lost the stubs to the one time we saw the Eagles.
July 29, 1976, at the Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ and it was landmark!

I can't find corroboration, but I recall Jimmy saying that this was one of the first times that Joe Walsh played with the band and that Poco opened for them. This was before Hotel California.

 I don't think we got there in time for Poco, but some of them joined in with the Eagles on "Seven Bridges Road" and it was amazing. When I look at the set list, it all comes back. I remember because I was the designated driver that night.

It was general admission and due to the fact that people were just milling around, we had pretty good the mud. At some point, I had to use the bathroom, but when I got there, there were two inches of liquid on the floor and girls were peeing in the sinks. I parked my need and went back to the show. We were on the highway headed home when I couldn't wait any longer, pulled over, hopped a stone wall and took care of business. Jimmy stood watch and remarked that it was good of me to find a shrub and not a stone as it was a cemetery. It was a helluva night!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Good times

 Sometimes there was too much of a good thing producing black holes in my memory..when we talked about them, Jim would remember and give me some clues.  There were many more shows, especially before the boys were born. Colin was actually "on board" for Springsteen at the Garden. We came out of the show after four hours and almost a foot of snow had fallen and we couldn't find Nanny's red Duster for almost an hour! Still the best time.