Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Live from NY...another Saturday night.

Another singular talent and voice lost to us. This song was one of Jim's favorites.

We saw John Sebastian perform this song live at the Westchester Dinner theater, another magical, musical evening. His band was stranded in a snowstorm somewhere and he came out and played alone and charmed all of us.

I wonder how many people remember what a big deal Saturday Night Live was back in the day? If we went anywhere on a saturday night, we had to get home in time to see what the hell was going to happen next.  The live show was sometimes a car wreck. I clearly remember watching this episode with Jimmy and declaring that he, Joe Cocker and John Belushi all used the same hairdresser. He agreed.

Jimmy was one of those guys who had many more bad hair days than good ones. Long hair was a lot of work, hence the ever present bandana.

No matter, I always thought it was sexy. It was a bigger shock to me than Jim when he decided enough was enough and cut it some time between Colin and Jake. Long or short, he always let his freak flag fly.

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