Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

  When we first married, I had no doubt that Jimmy would be a good father someday; he was the first boy and a middle child of six kids. There's a supervisory position if I ever saw one.

This was a good thing because I had my doubts about my mothering capabilities. I never planned on having children, much less marrying, so how fortunate was I to marry a guy who was so at ease with the most important job in the world.

We had Jim's memorial party here yesterday and what I heard most from friends and family was what fine young men we raised, but I have to make sure everyone who didn't know us as a family, knows what huge role Jimmy played in our son's lives.

 I have so many pictures of him doing the typical Daddy things, but what really mattered was how they saw him be and act and do things in the world when I wasn't there with a camera.

Jimmy made it possible for me to stay home and be a full time Mom for seven years and yet I could count on him to take over parenting if I needed a minute, even as he walked through the door, tired after a day's work. 

And when I did go back to work full time when Jake was only two, he had full charge and responsibility for the boys while I worked the second shift. We would high five and hug in the driveway and I would hand off the conn to him. They never had sitters because they had their Dad and I never had a moment's worry about them. He loved them with all of his heart and I know this weekend has been very bittersweet for them. For all of us. 

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

finally, i think i am going to be able to leave a comment here...for a while it wouldn't let me...?....
you know, All of Who Jimmy is has always come across in everything i've read on the blog over time.
The CREATION of your marriage that evolved into your family was the work of yours and his One Spirit.
it's very visible in your words.
Again, always has been.