Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Music stays...

A year now, since Glen Frey passed.

The ticket stub post had me anxious because I apparently lost the stubs to the one time we saw the Eagles.
July 29, 1976, at the Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ and it was landmark!

I can't find corroboration, but I recall Jimmy saying that this was one of the first times that Joe Walsh played with the band and that Poco opened for them. This was before Hotel California.

 I don't think we got there in time for Poco, but some of them joined in with the Eagles on "Seven Bridges Road" and it was amazing. When I look at the set list, it all comes back. I remember because I was the designated driver that night.

It was general admission and due to the fact that people were just milling around, we had pretty good the mud. At some point, I had to use the bathroom, but when I got there, there were two inches of liquid on the floor and girls were peeing in the sinks. I parked my need and went back to the show. We were on the highway headed home when I couldn't wait any longer, pulled over, hopped a stone wall and took care of business. Jimmy stood watch and remarked that it was good of me to find a shrub and not a stone as it was a cemetery. It was a helluva night!

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