Friday, January 8, 2016

his Opus

       There are some who might think that I'm running out of things to say, to post here. On the contrary. It's just that the things that I am thinking and feeling are so deep, so personal. It's like I can hear his voice again after a long silence. Not just the youthful exuberance and laughter. It's the steady confident voice that kept me grounded, keeps me moving forward and comforts me.

I watched all of "Mr. Holland's Opus" this morning with Charlie. Anything with music is OK by him. The first time Jim and I watched it I thought it was entertaining  if just a tad sappy, but I'm a sucker for Richard Dreyfus.

Over the years, I discovered it was one of Jim's favorite guilty watches; he'd let it run any time it was on. I see these things we once shared with different eyes now and a more open heart.Today I paid close attention and recognized some of it's appeal.

I came in on the scene where he meets his newborn son. How he was transformed by the moment. One thread of the story was about how a man had to set aside his passion for making music to be responsible and care for his family. Good thing for all of us that Jim's passion, after family, was his work.

The movie chronicled the teacher's whole career and gave us bits and pieces of our history along the way in snips of film and popular music, something else that Jimmy loved.  If you haven't seen it and plan to someday, don't watch the following clip - it's the last ten minutes of the film.


curvylou said...

Words fail me a bit. What a love affair you share with Jimmy. My boyfriend and I sometimes remark how many love songs there are about the start of love, or the end of love, but how few there are about the middle of love, which is everything.
Thank you for letting me participate in this incredible memorial. I look forward to coming back, now and again, and hearing more about Jimmy.

curvylou said...

ps! I found you through an eight-year-old comment you left on Lois Jarvis' Rust-Tex blog. The internet is amazing.

Deb said...

Eight years ago I left a trail of bread crumbs that lead you here. It is amazing. Thank for recognizing the love. One of these days I'm going to have this blog printed up for the kids, but that would mean I'd have to stop adding to it. Don't think I can just yet.

curvylou said...

Printing a book for your kids is a lovely, worthy idea, but yeah, totally get the not just yet. You're still posting so regularly here; I get the feeling you have a lot more left to express.