Saturday, March 21, 2015

the house

I'm really missing my Goodman lately.All this potential construction stuff makes me itchy. Whenever he planned to do something with hammers or saws he would send me out of town for the duration. All I ever had to do was come home and admire his handiwork. I am spoiled rotten.

Jimmy loved his work, especially before he became a supervisor, when he got to design and build the projects.  Nothing was impossible.

Our house is full of his touches, built-in bookcases, my beautiful sewing table,  all the decking, windows where there were none. He put a bathroom in on the main level because my Mom had trouble climbing the stairs.

I've been troubled lately about handling the responsibilities that would have been his. The thought of hiring someone to do the things left undone gives me the kind of anxiety that leads to paralysis, but some of this stuff can't wait.

Babe, I'll do the best I can to NOT get us ripped off. I will consult the hell out of this job and not throw it to the lowest bidder.

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Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

A good contractor is worth his weight in gold, and a handy man is a gift for sure! You were lucky to have such a talented one! May you find someone to do good work that you can trust won't take you to the cleaners...