Thursday, September 11, 2014


 I wonder how many New Yorkers have had to let all their fond memories of the Twin Towers fade away in the face of the devastation and sorrow of  9-11?

What a small thing our personal memories are. And yet, they remain. I am sure  there were a lot of romantic dinners, proposals, maybe even wedding receptions held at Windows on the World   over the years.  It  had just opened when our romance began.

Jimmy had a worker's compensation hearing at the WTC and we spent the day together in the city. A native New Yorker,  tall buildings were  no novelty to him. Even these,  but this country girl was impressed.

We were standing at a bank of of windows looking out into the hazy summer view when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the other tower was coming in and then out of my line of sight. It took a moment to register that I was seeing that both towers actually moved a good bit from side to side with the winds.

When I figured out what I was seeing I almost jumped out of my skin and was queasy. Jimmy laughed and pulled me away from the windows and said
"Just breathe."  We had already been on two dates where he learned about my propensity for throwing up- the Teacup ride at Playland and again at a carnival when the operator reversed the Ferris wheel. He was so sweet about it.

He was right. I splashed water on my face from a drinking fountain, felt better and we headed for the elevators, but he had another idea. He pulled me into one of the local service elevators and hit the stop button. We never even thought about whether there were cameras in the elevators - these were innocent times and we were in love.

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