Tuesday, September 9, 2014

the Work

I  got a spiritual kick in the pants from my darling this morning.

"It's all about the work."

I was scurrying around doing the last minute things to make ready for a gallery hanging. Three fiber art pieces that I finished over a year ago are getting strung up as I write this.

That out of the way,  I thought I deserved clean sheets and flipped the mattress and down behind the bed, found another stack of anniversary and birthday cards from Jim, some with notes inside. All of Hallmark's best efforts were rarely enough for Jimmy.

So, I get it babe. As much as he was all about his work, there was balance. Time for family and fun, too.

I'm thinking he wants me to push myself to find the time to do it all and not let go of making visual art. At the very least, I'm going to make a greater effort to see that pieces already done get out of storage and onto some walls somewhere.
And I'll  keep pushing on with the book, even as I step up to being Nana for Charlie. I can hold a baby in one arm and a pen in the other.

Stranger Angels are coming into our life at every turn and I know who is sending them our way.

Thank you darling.

I could almost quote him "It ain't about who or what you are. It's about what you make or do for others that matters."

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