Friday, April 4, 2014

thanks Jody

A mutual friend got in touch with me via FB. She included this photo taken at her wedding. Jimmy and her then husband were close friends.  She says that somewhere there are pictures of us dancing..can't wait to see that landmark event.

This, from the FB exchange:
  • Funny, but one of my best friends from my childhood, Dulce, who was at that wedding, I had told her about Jim...and she remembered the two of you from the wedding after all these yrs....she said wasn't he the guy with the bandanna on his forehead and his wife, .. She said the beautiful blond lady..........
  • Deb Lacativa
    That is So nice... that we were remembered together
  • Jody Andrews
    Oh yes... you two were a couple that people noticed and remembered.. I guess when you have true love, you really do stand out...

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