Saturday, March 8, 2014

good times

In '76 Jimmy's sister Bonnie threw a Halloween costume party at her apartment in Brewster. We went as the Mummy and the bride of Frankenstein.
My costume was a flop, my hair fell in ringlets instead of standing up and my toga was hot pink rayon. But Jimmy's Mummy won us the first prize..a bottle of champagne.

I know he wasn't suffering any kind of misery here, despite his expression. He didn't want all the clay on his face to crack and fall off. It was actually one of those "good for your skin" cosmetic treatments, MUDD. The costume was actually in two parts for necessary reasons.

He went so far as to shave off his mustache and sideburns so the clay would stick to his face and crackle properly. He locked himself in the bathroom, shaved it all off and slapped on the makeup  so I wouldn't see his naked face for the first time...
until the next morning.

     Did he think I was going to kick him out with that face?

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