Tuesday, February 4, 2014

jumping the valentine

I've figured out that my cell phone delivers music just as well as my ancient and hard-to-keep-charged iPod so I've stopped leaving the TV on at night and let the music play. A short story I've been working on for a week or so has been eluding me, but last night the whole thing just unfolded. I woke up wrote down the sign posts and will have it ready for next week's deadline.

There's no escaping the next great American consumer holiday extravaganza. I've also figured out that these badges are valentines from my husband - each one connected to music in some way; a passion we shared. The quiet, simple pleasure in making each one is proof enough for me. 

Our musical tastes were divergent and there were a few concessions, but it's easy enough to keep your predilections to yourself these days. He didn't expect me to like heavy metal and I rarely inflicted long sets of songbook standards or jazz on him - there was so much else to share and love. 

 We never capitalized that "V" because we did valentines day pretty much all year round. Jimmy never got tired of taking shit from store clerks for buying me flowers for no reason at all. He spent a lot of time picking out cards for me on all the special occasions and I have kept most of them. He kept mine too. I've got stacks. There are thirty eight years of badges in me. No chance I'll run out anytime soon.

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